Technically speaking, this is not a math class. It is however, one of the most applicable classes that are taught by most math departments. Students from so many different disciplines take this class in order to acquire the necessary statistical and the computational skills. Many find some of the topics to be very theoratical and difficult to grasp. At times, solutions to the problems rely more on reading and comprehension of the various case studies than any calculations. 


Graphing calculators such as TI 83/84 are extremelly useful in these classes. However, some teachers do not let students use them on the tests, so you should find out the class policy befor purchasing one.


Diagnostic test with answers, Elementary Statistics.
You have to do 70% or better on this exam in order to succeed in Statistics.
PDF File [1.7 MB]


Important Statistics Tables
statistics tables.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.9 MB]
Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, Important Formulas
Microsoft Word document [20.4 KB]
Probability Problems with Answers
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Probability problems with answers.PDF
PDF File [1.2 MB]
Practice your probability skills with these problems. Answers are included.
PDF File [2.4 MB]
More Challenging Probability Problems, Answers included
Keep practicing!
Probability exercises with answers.PDF
PDF File [1.7 MB]

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