Academic Success Is Not An Accident

It is impossible to estimate a student's potential for success by his appearance, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, or any other factors. It is however, known that a strong association exists between success and certain habits and practices. We want our students to know and believe that they too can make it to the finish line in a manner that is both satisfying and rewarding. Academic success  requires strategy, discipline, and an action plan.

Imitate Until You Create

9 Habits of Highly Successful Students
It is possible to acquire the necessary skills that have lead successful students to achieve their academic goals.
9 habits.pdf
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Know Yourself

Learn What Kind of Learner You Are
Take this short assessment that will tell you what is your learning style and what practices will maximize your retention and understanding of the subject.
Learning Styles Assessment.pdf
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The More You Know, The Less You Fear

Causes of Math Anxiety
How to Reduce Math Test Anxiety.PDF
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Why Learning Math Is Different from Learning Other Subjects
What You Need to Know to Study Math.PDF
PDF File [9.0 MB]
The Six Levels of Learning, Rise Up to the Top of the Pyramid.
CES ED Blooms Taxonomy of Learning Domai[...]
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Variables Contributing to Student Academic Achievement
How to Discover Your Math Learning Stren[...]
PDF File [15.2 MB]
The Ten Steps to Better Test Taking
How to Improve Your Math Test-Taking Ski[...]
PDF File [13.4 MB]
How to Become an Effective Listener
How to Improve Your Listening and Note-T[...]
PDF File [10.2 MB]
How to Read a Math Textbook
How to Improve Your Reading,Homework, an[...]
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How to Learn
How to Remember What You Have Learned.PD[...]
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College Ranking
Excellent article on how colleges are ranked by various organizations and their impact on students' selection.
College Rankings.pdf
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