Who We Are

We are one of the oldest and most advanced independent math tutoring centers in the South Orange County area. Our program is run by a group of college math professors with over 40 years of combined class room teaching and tutoring experience.

What We Do

Our online math tutoring program is carefully designed by current educators and tutors to emulate live teaching. At our academy, students, middle school through college, receive individualized tutoring that will help them improve their math grades.


Our Mission

Teach  our students how to learn.  Help our math students improve their grades by becoming more effective and independent learners. Teach students how to advance without need for a tutor. 

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 We Are Now Fully Online!


After 20 years of serving our students at our Lake Forest location, we have migrated online. Thanks to Miro's two-way whiteboard technology, you can now interact with a tutor in real time from your desk at home. With the right tools at your disposal, these sessions are as effective as face to face ones and infinitely more convenient. 


For our prospective students, whether you are across the street or across the country, we can help you with all your onsite and online math classes. We offer a 30-minute FREE trial session for you to assess the ease and efficacy of these sessions. Please call or text us  to schedule your appointment and receive your log in credentials.           


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Why Struggle In Math?


For more than a quarter of a centruy, Academy of Tutoring Professionals has been a partner in students' academic success.Middle school, high school, college, and online math students have put our experience and knowledge to work in order to improve and maintain their grades. Receive expert tutoring on:



Our services include assisting students with their math homework, tests, quizzes, extra credit, online assignments, and any other school related assignments. We concentrate on working ahead and pre-working assignments. This means working on tomorrow night's homework, tonight. This increases the students' confidence level, enhances their understanding, and encourages them to engage in class discussions. Our exclusive teacher contact service reveals academic problems as they develop and does not wait for progress reports. We use our extensive bank of questions to prepare our students beyond what is required of them.


Our patient and professional tutors are successful college graduates whose credentials have been rigourously examined.

" I attended the academy when I was in high school and needed some support in a few of my math classes. The great thing about this center is that you are still doing the work but you have someone there who can correct your mistakes, re-explain, and even give more examples to help you retain the information. All in a positive learning environment. Now as a current math teacher, if my students are looking for tutors, I always recommend them to come here. Since I know first hand how well their program works. I am confident they will help my students find success."

Mrs. Heydenrych

El Toro High School math teacher

Former student of our Academy

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We Wrote the Book on Mathematics, Really!

We are happy to announce that our book, Pre-Statistics, was just published by McGraw Hill Education and it is currently being taught in the colleges in our area. "Our motivation for putting this book together was that we felt none of the available textbooks were adequately covering, challenging, or preparing our students." said the coauthor Steve Alemansour. Professor Alemansour has over 25 years of experience teaching Mathematics at high school, college, and university level. He is currently an associate professor of mathematics at Saddleback College and a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Professor of the Year Award

There Are No Substitutes for Knowledge and Experience.


Our co-founder, the other Professor Alemansour is the previous chairperson of the  mathematics department at Golden West College. She has over 20 years of experience teaching and tutoring college and high school level mathematics. She has a Masters degree in Mathematics and has several years of experience as an Industrial Engineer. 

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Who Are Our Math Students?


Now that we have fully migrated online, geographical location is no longer a factor. We serve students from Los Angeles to San Diego and beyond. Call today to set up a free 30-minute trial session and see for yourself. 

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